Magnum Hall

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1,100 places

Magnum Hall


Ample customizable space

The Magnum Room at the Abruzzo Convention Center represents the perfect synthesis of comfort and functionality. The large capacity, combined with state-of-the-art technical equipment, provides ample choice in setting up the environment.
The space can be organized on the theater pattern, in a horseshoe shape, with school desks or according to additional and different needs related to the event.
Plus, exclusive leisure, dining and overnight services.


Magnum Hall 1400 seats

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A Unique Complex with Many Solutions

2 Restaurants
Directly inside the complex
Over 350 rooms
Sea view and hill view
Private beach
Over 13,000 square meters of beach
2 Pools
Sunny outdoor swimming pools
Park & Garden
Over 15,000 square meters of green space
Covered and private
Customizable combinations

Modular solutions

Our Abruzzo Convention Center has been hosting small and large events of companies, associations, cooperatives, societies and cultural initiatives since 1995. The Magnum Hall has a maximum capacity of 1,100 theater seats, but can be divided into 2 or 3 smaller spaces to meet all needs. Here are some examples of modular solutions within the Magnum Room.
All solutions feature a height of 5.8m, acoustic adjustment and movable walls.


Solution 1

400 sq.m | 4,306 sq.ft
Length dimensions. x largh.
31 x 13 m
500 theater seats | 350 school desks | 180 horseshoe seats | 100 seats at the edge of the auditorium

Solution 2

800 sq.m | 8,611 sq.ft.
Length dimensions. x largh.
31 x 26 m
1,000 theater seats | 700 school desks | 195 horseshoe seats | 115 auditorium edge seats

Solution 3

1,100 sq.m | 12,960 sq.ft
Length dimensions. x largh.
31 x 39 m
1100 theater seats | 800 school desks | 240 horseshoe seats | 140 auditorium edge seats
Maximum customization

Discover the other rooms

In addition to the Magnum Room, with its high capacity and customization possibilities, the Abruzzo Convention Center provides its guests with two other smaller, equally modular rooms: the Garden Room and the Plenary Room.

Garden Room

Plenary Hall

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