Garden Room

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Modular hall 600 seats

Garden Room

Modular surface of medium size

Customizable space for meetings, conferences, conventions

The Garden room, recommended for meetings, congresses, conventions of medium size, has an area of 600 sq. m. a height of 3.50 without any columns is a room that can be modulated in space thanks to a system of sliding walls whose rails are housed in the false ceiling; it is equipped with a special "rain" acoustic system, which allows a perfect equalized audio diffusion throughout the room.

Garden Hall 600 seats

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Customizable combinations

Modular solutions

The Garden Room offers the same plusses as the Magnum Room but concentrates them in an area optimized for medium-sized conferences, meetings and conventions. It has a maximum capacity of 600 theater seats, but can be divided into 2 or 3 smaller spaces to meet all needs. Here are some examples of modular solutions within the Garden Room.
All solutions feature a height of 3.5m, acoustic adjustment and movable walls.


Solution 1

240 sq.m | 2,583 sq.ft
Length dimensions. x largh.
19 x 12.5 m
300 theater seats | 210 school desks | 115 horseshoe seats | 70 auditorium edge seats

Solution 2

380 sq.m | 4,090 sq.ft
Length dimensions. x largh.
19.5 x 19.5 m
475 theater seats | 330 school desks | 125 horseshoe seats | 80 auditorium edge seats

Solution 3

600 sq.m | 6,835 sq.ft
Length dimensions. x largh.
32.5 x 19.5 m
750 theater seats | 550 school desks | 195 horseshoe seats | 110 auditorium edge seats
Maximum customization

Discover the other rooms

In addition to the Garden Room, which is suitable for medium-sized events, the Abruzzo Convention Center provides its guests with two other, equally modular rooms: the Magnum Room and the Plenary Room.

Magnum Hall

Plenary Hall

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